How To Cheat in Online Exams?


The coronavirus has majorly affected not only the economy but also the minds of students. It seemed like yesterday when students were all excited for the upcoming year of fun and adventure with their friends and family when tragedy struck.

The pandemic forced them to close off contacts with loved ones and friends, both physically and mentally, socially, and emotionally. The world’s current predicament tells us that we aren’t heading in the right direction regarding recovering from this plague.

Learning has been dramatically affected. When it comes to education, People and teachers alike have always advised that it should be hands-on; the pandemic has cut that from the students and has forced them to learn from their homes’ cold comfort. This necessarily isn’t a bad thing, but it affects the capacity of learning much. 

The human mind has been trained to learn from the environment, experience, and visuals. All three are compromised when it comes to online learning, and learners stop paying attention after a while because the feeling of continuation is not present. There’s always a technical problem, or the students are not interested even though they are in the most comfortable environment they could be.

The teachers, the most critical aspect of learning, are facing problems too, viz. Not operating the teaching software, connectivity issues, and severity has also been bullying cases by the students towards the teachers.

Online classes have been an excellent way for teachers to teach, but the teaching is not going through towards the students for many reasons. First, there are connection issues; secondly, not a single student wishes to study due to the stress and anxiety issue they are already facing in this current state of the pandemic. That’s why most of the students started copying in the online exams that we’re being held. Copying isn’t necessarily bad, but it halts learning progress and affects the student’s ability to understand an important concept.

Copying in online exams will get you good grades if the questions are not too difficult to solve. However, papers like mathematics and accounting subjects or statistical analysis will be difficult to copy since they are all practical subjects. The students think that copying is an easy way out, and it is a fact, but it affects their learning capability in the future. Their results are uncertain since the teacher’s counting of the marks has changed due to a rapid change in environment and thinking.

Today we will be showing you different ways to copy in online exams, which will help you get good marks and get all the anxiety off your shoulders. You can have fun and focus on other studies because they are the best and will help you get good marks without trying too hard. It will also prevent you from getting caught by your teachers. Without any further ado, let’s get into the various ways you can score good marks in online exams, with a little help, of course.

How To Copy In Online Exams

  1. Use Discord

This is the easiest way you and all your friends can use and talk to each other while giving exams. Originally, discord was used by many gamers to communicate while gaming to provide call outs and communicate better during gaming sessions. You can use this app to your advantage instead of usually calling your friends and wasting your calling balance on the call. Just download discord from the play store to access its full features. It is free and only requires you to make an account.

Go to the app store or play store and download Discord. After installing the app, make an account that you will be using to communicate with your friends. After creating an account, make a server of your own by clicking on the three lines and pressing the plus icon, colored green. You will have an option to name the server, and you can call it anything you want. After making the server, send invites to your friends to join the server. After your friends connect, you will receive updates of them joining the server. 

Click on the three lines again, and then go to the general voice channel. The voice channels let you talk to other people who have joined the server and the voice channel. You can invite your friends by sending them invites to the server through WhatsApp. They will directly be able to join the voice channel. Then you can discuss questions and ask each other about how to solve each problem. This will increase the coordination among your friends, and you will quickly solve each question.

Plus, if you and your friends are in the same class and are attempting the same paper, it is even better since an individual can google or find the book’s answers. If there’s a camera on you, as various colleges do, make sure to split-screen the app so you can search questions while simultaneously managing the voice channel.

This app does wonders when you need someone to communicate with during the examination. Its recent features also allow you to share screens and share images and videos, which help select and find answers quickly during a rush. However, if someone has a poor internet connection, Discord tends to lag; it is essential to have a WIFI connection handy, so your papers go smoothly.

  1. Old School Cheat Sheets
making cheats to pass in exam

This method is online paper cheating made easy. Making cheat sheets is what all of us students were doing back in primary and secondary grades, and even in college examinations, it is simple to copy using this method. All you need is a pen, some spare paper that is clean and your exam notes. Take help from your friends, discuss the potential questions that will show up in the examination, and write only the essential questions that appeal to your gut feeling.

Making cheat sheets is going to help you stay prepared for any question that comes towards your screen. If there is a webcam in your online exam, you can use these cheats by looking down and acting like you’re thinking or looking around. Be careful about how you do it because you will attract attention if you’re not subtle enough. Some software can barre you out of the examination when they find out anything suspicious and out of the ordinary. This is especially useful in case AI technology is incorporated in online sites by sole colleges. Indeed, we don’t know, but it cannot hurt to be careful.

The thing about cheat sheets is that everyone is very comfortable using them as a clutch to solve their problems. It is easier and saves time since it can be made even thirty minutes before the exam, and since most of the tests taken are MCQs, you can write keywords down that will trigger your memory of the known question. In many cases, the words written are the answers themselves; you need not worry about the solutions if this method does not work. 

Read along and find out that you can use many more ways to cheat on online examinations. Just be calm and do your best to jot down important things to ask for the main questions. Take notes from your friends before the test or a topper from your class, note down the critical points. Sometimes your class teachers give you a list of the essential questions. You can write some of them into your cheat sheet to increase the chances of getting the maximum marks.

This is the oldest way to copy during any examinations, and since it has worked for many people in the examination hall itself, it will work for you in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Keeping Your Friends With You

We talked about keeping your friends handy on a regular or a discord call, but what about them being physically present with you? All of them can give the exam with you together, and since the camera only detects your facial movements, they can quickly tell you answers. You can share your screen with them while all of them are present on a discord call, and they can physically tell you the answer while googling the answers.

If your friends are giving the same exam as you, you can help each other by providing answers that every individual knows. You can hang out with your friends afterward and then study with them for the next exam. This is an extremely convenient way to learn since group morale tends to make better and faster learners. You will cover the portion faster while talking and enjoying yourself with them.

However, while attempting the exam, make sure they do not interrupt or physically appear on your screen. The site will detect the different faces and potentially barre you from the examination. Also, make minimum head movements while talking to them and speak with lesser lip movement. The teachers can again be watching, and there have been reports of teachers flagging a lot of students in copy cases. This can harm your momentum and cause a morale loss among your friends as well.

Be careful and stay calm and collected before giving the exams to avoid any errors about making mistakes. The more you think, the more you will panic. Just go on a continuous flow if you know the answers and if you do not, ask your friends. Makeup hand signs with your friends to know that someone is having trouble with the question. It can easily let your friends know you’re stuck without raising suspicion. 

Consider other options if your friends being there for you doesn’t work out for them, or they live far enough, call your friends from your society or the one who lives near you. They may not be in the same grade as you, but they can help you out by searching for answers from your notes, cheat sheets, and flashcards. There is another way you can flawlessly copy answers, and we will discuss them in the following point.

  1. Use Any Search Engine To Look For The Answers

This is the simplest thing you can do before giving exams. Just make sure that you know how to type faster and convert some grammatical sentences to form them into ethical questions. This will allow the search engine to fetch you answers quicker with the keyword you just typed. People typically use Google because it is easy to use and quickly helps find answers with keywords entered.

It pulls out answers from different websites and articles to give you the best possible answers suited to your question. Most of the teachers use Google and other websites and search engines to craft their papers, which helps them keep track of easy answers and is exceptionally convenient because it is just a touch away.

It is the go-to choice for most students because it is harder to get friends incited to your house due to the pandemic and if everyone else is busy giving exams of their own. This way, it helps increase the chances of you passing and makes sure you finish the MCQs with time to spare.

It is very convenient since Google does not use that much data connection, and it is even better when you have a WIFI connection at hand. Google highlights the sentences you typed in the question, and the answers related to that keyword are shown in the first result after the result shows up. If the desired outcome does not show up, try changing the sentence’s grammatical form to match the information of articles containing the keyword of your answer.

Check images and Wikipedia for any concepts that you need to find so that it is easier to stay on track and time your exams because most institutions provide an hour for 50 to 60 questions. So it can get tough to solve all the problems without missing out on some. Remember to copy and paste the search bar questions; it will make it easier to find answers without wasting time typing. This trick has saved a lot of student’s time and has allowed them to double-check answers.

It also would be great if you can turn off your mic and camera while searching if your college allows it, it will cause you no distractions, and you would not be worried about how the questions will turn up.

  1. Using Sellotape To Cover The Cameras

As we discussed in the previous points, webcams in the online examinations are a must. They have to turn on in most educational institutes to maintain the traditional order of the examination halls. Thus, the students get nervous about even moving in an inch when the insight of the camera. The technique mentioned in this point sounds a little farfetched for sure, yes, but it will blur the image that shows up on the screen.

Use any transparent tape that you find and remove the adhesive by sticking it on your finger a couple of times. This will prevent any damage to your front camera lens and allow you to work and copy answers off books and the internet without any problems. If any teachers ask you about your camera, you can pass it off by saying the equipment is faulty and damaged. They will rarely object to this plea.

This technique is suitable for people with smartphones and works with giving examinations with their laptops or personal computers. You can tape the front of the webcam that will allow the footage to appear smudged; you can easily use your phone in the meantime if you cannot switch tabs. Switching tabs in some websites cause the examination of close automatically, so it closes if you switch out from one to another. Be careful about how you go from one tab to another. 

This tip will work for you if you have kept your camera off for all the lectures you have attended; the reasoning behind this is that you will avoid suspicion. Teachers often question students why their webcam has turned off or stopped working out of the blue. It is also easy if you have to switch off your webcam during the examination altogether.

That way, you won’t have to hide your attempts while also finishing the paper off quickly. Your camera lens will also avoid adhesive altogether, which is suitable for your device. If the adhesive is strong, it can damage your camera lens beyond repair.

This method works the best if you have a sellotape that is low in its adhesive capabilities. Old and weathered out ones work best. Or you can tape a piece of paper on the camera and later pass it off by saying the camera is broken.

  1. Anydesk

Anydesk allows you to share your screen to your computer or any other android device. This app is handy as it will enable you to hand over and share your screen with your friend, who will look over the questions and possibly answer them himself over the app. Your friend can also tell you the answers while the session is running. Pair this all with discord to get the best benefit out of both of the apps.

This combination of two of the beat sharing apps will let you easily avoid the webcam in the online examination as the shared screen will be seen by your friends and can be interacted with, but your face will be visible on the webcam. This is an excellent technique and has been used by many students to get used to the online examination platform. This cross-platform magic is the best way to get help from your friends while examining and solving the questions quickly.

By pairing this with discord, you can ask your friends to assist you with specific questions or even all of them. It depends on what you want. Both platforms are highly versatile and offer the superb capability to help you whenever you need it most. Anydesk has been used by many; it is a switch user, but to connect cross-platform so that the work is done flawlessly and the devices make the matter with the examination in progress.

This won’t halt your progress in solving the papers, and it will get done quickly without anyone finding out you are using ill means because the camera will display your picture, and the screen mirroring will be dined by your friend. 

This method and app is fantastic and is quick to set up. It guarantees you a good paper, so you wouldn’t have to worry about not getting enough or scoring the passing marks. You can always get control back of your screen by turning off the program and disconnecting from the discord channel. This will let your friend know that the paper is done. If this method does not work for you, the next process will indeed because it is one of the best solutions and has an inbuilt keyword finder in it.

Please inform your friends about this method and get their opinion about trying this for your papers; this will be relatively easy with the advanced technology and help solve all the questions quickly.

  1. Google Lens

This tip and the next upcoming tip are interrelated. Using the Google lens allows you to find answers to whatever lies in front of you quickly. It is easy to use and is available on every Android device, so you don’t need to worry about OS only application problems.

It is easy because all you need to do is point your camera towards the question, and it can give you the answers to those questions by surfing the internet. Essentially this point can be correlated to using any search engine to get your answers, but Google is the most efficient and gets work done quickly.

There are many ways to use Google lens, but you need to have two screens, or you can screenshot the questions and then take a look at them and search their answers through the keyword search on Google lens. This is much easier if you do not have two screens. 

The keyword search from the screenshot will help you find answers quickly without any additional effort and without having to worry about time management. If you have two mobile phones, you can use this trick to capture images from your second phone to the phone you’re giving the exam and then search the results from the keywords online.

This trick works even better if you have a laptop handy. You can take advantage of the laptop’s big screen and use your phone to take screenshots and search the answers on Google comfortably. If there is a problem with the camera being activated, use the sellotape tip to seal the camera or make it blurry enough for the teachers not to detect what you’re doing.

Even if it does not work, you can take photos from different angles, without the AI or your teachers knowing about you doing anything to mess up your exam. However, this tip is less reliable than other tips because it requires a steady and faster internet connection. Since your devices will be busy doing other work like maintaining the exam page and keeping your video image stable, it can get complicated to load quickly.

It would help if you had a WIFI connection so that it is easy to connect to the Google lens app while simultaneously loading your exams not to arouse any suspicions among your teachers. This is particularly helpful if you need quick answers and don’t have time.

  1. Keeping Dual Screens

This point correlates to the previous point as it is easier for you to switch between screens and find answers by using Google lens, then try to screenshot each of the questions and waste your time. In most cases having two laptops or computer screens is difficult for students. Still, you can borrow a computer from your friend for the time being to attend the examination, and you can give it back after you’re doing using it. A laptop can be arranged before the exam and can be effectively used to give examinations faster and even pace.

For this trick to work, you need to place your laptop in front and your other screen on the side; your frontal screen will be the one you use to give the exam, while the other screen will be used to search Google to find out the answers. This task can be tedious, so it is recommended to have a mobile phone and a laptop combo for quicker use. The laptop will be used as a front while using a Google lens from your phone to find out answers to your questions. This is particularly easy since every household typically has a laptop since work from home has become pretty standard since the pandemic has come into effect.

Many people have used this method to get high scores on their tests without even studying or knowing anything about their particular subjects. It is from personal experience that I say this method has worked throughout the online examination. Using webcams in the online test will not hinder your progress as long as you have another device you can use to find out your answers.

It all boils down to your internet connection’s speed to perform the tasks you provide to them. If you do not have a good internet connection, it might be useful to consider calling your friends over. Mobile hotspot tends to work faster than most data connections.

A difference in the network will also prove useful to you, as different networks offer variable internet speed. Choose something which is affordable and gives sustainability for long periods of time. This will allow your data to last longer while providing more incredible internet speed and spending less money on other equipment. Consider getting a WIFI connection if you don’t have one. It saves money, but it will also allow you to give your exams fluently without any interruptions.

Therefore it is essential to remember that these tips will only work if you have a stable internet connection to nullify all the connection problems.

  1. Keeping Screenshots Of The Notes

This is the standard method to copy during your online examinations. This technique will help you quickly and is also the most trustworthy as it does not require a high packaged internet connection and will also be easy to access if you have another screen with you. This point correlates with the Having Dual Screens tip.

 All you have to do is take screenshots of the notes or your PDF files and save them on your other device or another phone. To transfer files, just use a USB cord or try to send files from an email account to another email account. This will allow you to scroll to the image or the screenshot you have sent, which the question is on. You can also use emails to send the notes themselves to another phone or screen so you can access them through another phone while solving problems.

You can link this point to the tip of using your friends for the paper. Using any desk, send your screenshots to your friend so he does not have to search the internet or the surf engine for the answers, as the questions will be displayed on their screens when they access your phone.  Keeping screenshots is an essential part of your online examination problem as you can access answers without wasting time.

Plus, the screenshots are more reliable than any Google answers as they are taken from your notes given by the teachers themselves, and they cannot wrong their own given notes. It is important to remember the things you screenshot. 

However, as by having more than 100 screenshots will let you lose track of the question you were searching for in the first place. So take screenshots of only the critical problem or questions you think are more likely going to appear in the examination. You can also screenshot the questions themselves and send them to your college or friend’s group on WhatsApp.

Many students send screenshots of the questions on their separate college group that does not contain their teachers. This college group will help you seek answers, and students often help each other out and provide solutions for the questions. Therefore, getting in touch with your classmates will help you answer the questions and adequately help you out in other papers.

This is one of the most reliable techniques to cheat and one of the tips that you can be consistent at.

  1. Using AirPods Or Any Bluetooth Device

Earphones are easy to use but harder to maintain in this one examination while speaking because while doing so, you will need to lower the mic towards your face, which will arouse suspicion from the AI and the teachers. You can use overhead headphones, but there are always connectivity issues, and their mic does not necessarily work that well during these scenarios.

There is only one option left for you to use, and those are on-ear Bluetooth devices that have excellent connectivity. Any Android Bluetooth device will work if you have Airpods. That is even better. They have better connectivity and the perfect hearing ad returning sound capabilities of every Apple product. They allow you to hear even the most minute sound quickly, and their charge will last for the whole examination.

You can connect on a discord server with your friends before logging into the exam and quickly discuss the answers without getting any suspicions raised against you. The webcam in the online examination will not be able to trace your Bluetooth device because it will be located behind your ear. In most cases, even your face is half-visible to the camera itself.

After connecting to discord, try to make minimalist movements from your mouth to take maximum advantage of the Bluetooth earphones. You can send the screenshots of the questions in the college or friends group itself while you are split-screen with your phone. When your friends answer questions in the chat, quickly select the right answer and move on.

This technique has helped many of my friends pass their exams by communicating with their classmates and each other even though they did not study anything before. This method is versatile and does not require a high-speed data connection. However, it would be appropriate to get a stable WIFI connection, so everything goes smooth without any interruptions.

Even if this method does not work, try the other techniques in the list. One way is bound to work because all of these methods are tried and tested by people of my age and have worked for them flawlessly. The time and precision of the methods’ usage will be necessary due to the webcams’ strict online examination regulations.

The thing about this method is that you need to have Bluetooth earphones, but it is challenging on the spot because they can be pretty expensive.


All of these methods mentioned in this article have been tested and tried by various people. They have worked in most instances, but they have never been caught cheating. These will most definitely work for you when you keep calm during the copying situations and don’t let loose that you’re cheating. Keep a confident face if your webcam is turned on during the online examination.

Even if you do get caught cheating by your college, they won’t barre you in most cases because the teachers have been lenient to students in this state of the pandemic. They would not like students to go through added pressure or have another anxiety and panic attack episode.

Even if you do get caught and barred, you will have to study and give a re-exam of the paper you were offering before—fair warning, these methods are risky in some cases and some not. Be mindful of the environment you will be sitting in when giving the online examination.

Any background noise or disturbance can easily distract or throw you off. It will also distract you from your link, which will result in wastage of time and not allow you to complete your examination correctly. The result of not concentrating enough will lead you to lose focus and then select the wrong answers even though you knew the right answer. The reason one cheats in the examination is that they do not know the answer. 

It might be cliche to say this but study for your examinations! It will help you out a ton if all of the other pointers in this article fail. The studying routine will depend upon your concentration span; take breaks after every chapter to focus your mind better. Listen to music or exercise; it will help you eliminate excess energy and re-energize your body.

Online examinations are not a thing which you should be nervous about; the ways given in this list are bound to work at any cost. But just in case they do not work, start studying a day before or even an hour before to at least learn about each subject’s basics so you can obtain the passing marks. Take extra care not to mess up the portion and be ready for any exception or problem that shows up on the examination day.

The necessity of copying does not matter if you have studied the portion! It is even better if you do not copy or cheat at all, it will be easy for you, and the risk of being in trouble for cheating will be even less. When you copy, make sure you are fully prepared for everything that will happen if you get caught, and be careful. Use these tips at your own risk, and try to involve your friends so they can help you.

We hope you got to know the various techniques you can use to cheat in the upcoming online examinations. Try your best and don’t give up!  Have a nice day!

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