Best camping Tents under 3000 rupees

Are you among those people who feel like they’re in heaven only when they are in the wilds and are looking for a place to get lost in the solitude of nature? There are a number of times when we feel like running away from the hustle-bustle of the cities into the sweet and solemn nature. Need a camping tent under 3000?

The fresh and misty winds of the outdoors feel like heaven on earth after a tough week. In our childhood, we used to camp in our lawns with our cousins building blanket forts but if you are not four anymore and going for an adventure trip or hiking, a blanket isn’t going to cut it.

You need to buy a camping tent to truly enjoy the spirit of going out and living in the wilderness. A camping tent may be used for your hiking trips if you regularly try to reach the top of mountain peaks all over the world or it could be used to just simply camp on your lawn and enjoy a beautiful night of stargazing on a clear night sky.  For this particular reasons we have compiled out camping tents under 3000.

But you may think that a camping tent would only come useful once in a matter of months or years so there’s no point spending a huge amount of money on it. That’s why we’ve brought the best camping tents for under 3000 rupees for you:

Best Camping Tents under 3000 rupees in India

Here are our list of best camping tents you can purchase for under 3000 rupees:

HYU 2 Person Camping Tent

1. HYU 2 Person Camping Tent

The HYU 2 person is a simple mainstream tent that does its job of providing you with a beautiful outdoor experience. It is built for casual travellers and is optimum for sunny days around a lake where you could enjoy the experience of fishing with your loved ones.

A solo traveller can rest comfortably in it while two people can easily manage. It does not cost you a lot and offers a basic experience of outdoor camping. It is extremely lightweight and so easy to assemble that even your kids can do it.


i) Very easy to assemble and use

ii) Suitable for little rains and best enjoyed in sunny temperatures


i)  Cannot withstand heavy rains and might start dripping.

ii) The tent is not built for temperatures below 15° C


Brand – HYU

Size – 2

Sport – Hiking

Manufacturer – Hyu

Country of Origin – China

Date First Available – 21 November 2014

Item Weight – 1 kg 370 g

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. What is the weight of the product?

A.1. It’s just 200-300 gm. Very easy and light to handle

Q.2. Can we use it inside a house?

A.2. Yes, anywhere where space of 6.5 feet x 4 feet available.

2. GadgetBasic 4 Person Camping Tent

The gadget basic 4 people camping tent.

Being larger in size this tent can accommodate 2 or 3 people with ease and comfort but 4 people would have to adjust in terms of personal space. The quality of this tent is good enough but the material is quite thin and therefore it is suggestible that it shouldn’t be used near thorny bushes as it could easily penetrate through the tent. This tent should not be used in places with heavy rainfall range as it won’t be able to withstand the heavy fall of water. A geat pick for camping tents under 3000.


i) It is quite easy to handle as it is not heavy, therefore can be assembled in a short time without difficulty and chaos.

ii) It is not dangerous to the children and can be trusted with them.

iii) This tent is quite economical and can be used occasionally.

iv) Suitable for moderate rain. 


i) Deprives the customer/buyer the choice of colour. Seller/retailer may ship any random colour.

ii) The material of this tent is quite thin and can be damaged near sharp bushes

iii) Best for use in a moderate temperature.


Brand – GadgetBasic

Size -L-200cm×B-200cm×H-130cm

Material – Terylene co.

Structure – Single layer

Frame type – Glass fibre reinforced plastic

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Can I get a rain cover for this?

A.1. Yes, a waterproof carrying cover is available for free with this tent.

Q.2. Is this tent Waterproof? If so, how much rain can it resist?

A.2. Yes, it’s waterproof and can resist average rain. 

Q.3. Can I use this in winter, under 15°C without a sleeping bag?

A.3. You need a sleeping bag for doing so.

3. Valamji 4 person folding tent 

You can have easy access to this tent on Amazon. This tent shares similarities with the GadgetBasic 4-person tent as both of them are composed of thin material which does not favour being near sharp and thorny bushes. It gives the best of experience in summers and best used in Sahyadri and all the non-snow peaks of India.


i) It is not heavy and can be easily handled without difficulty whatsoever.

ii) It is affordable and best for occasional uses.

iii) is suitable for average rainfall


i) The comfort inside the tent is disrupted when it has to accommodate 4 people.

ii) Seller does not keep in mind the choices of his customer

iii) May not give the best experience in cold weather

iv) It is not advisable to be roughly used.


Brand – Salami

Closure – Zipper

Occupancy – 5

Pole – Fiberglass

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Can the tent be kept on the bed?

A.1. No, it cannot.

Q.2. Can 9–10-year girls play with it?

A.2. Yes.

4. Petrice 6 Person Camping Tents under 3000

The petrice 6 people camping tent has managed to hold an unbeatable position among the vast variety of camping tents under 2000/- in India. The humongous size and economical rate which is affordable for all the strata of the society has made it the best amongst the others. Due to its big size, it can easily adjust 4-5 people catering to each of their comforts and providing a personal space.

The material is thin and hence it is best that it shouldn’t be used during heavy rainfall, to avoid discomfort.


i) It is not made up of heavy weighted material and therefore can be gathered easily.

ii) A good choice for semi-regular use

iii) it can squeeze up to 6 people 

iv) It’s very suitable for sunny days and moderate rain.

v) Protection from the fast wind, sunlight is looked after 


i) The choice of the colour lies with the seller not the buyer.

ii) cannot be coarsely used.

iii) not good for temperatures below 15°C


Spacious interior

Double-wall tent 

Durable polyester inner body

The waterproof outer rainfly 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. What is the actual weight including bag?

A.1. 8kg 

Q.2. what is the size of the tent?

A.2. 220×250×150cm 

Q.3.  – how many people can fit in this tent?

A.3. 6 people

5. Iris Three Season 4 Person Camping Tent in India

budget tents under 3000 rupees
portable tent under 3000 INR

This specific camping tent is an amazing alternative to Valamji 4-person tent. This availability of this portable tent is ensured by Flipkart. It can provide a homely shelter to 3 people. 4 people would have to be accommodated perhaps with a mild discomfort which nobody wants during camping. It can be used in 3 seasons as the name itself give us the idea. And its usage in monsoon is not advisable as it cannot stand the heavy rainfall.


i) It can also be handled with minimal effort as it is very light which makes it a good option for the users.

ii) A good choice for semi-regular usage 

iii) The accommodation of 4-5 people would be fairly spartan

iv) This is waterproof, best for moderate temperatures.


i) Its restraints us with one choice of one colour.

ii) Should not be used during cold weather.

iii) Should be gently handled not for rough use 


Durable polyester fabric wall

Roof lined with silver polyurethane

Zipper mesh closure and zippered storm flaps

Single layer (waterproof)

Glass fibre reinforced plastic.

6. Decathlon Quechua arenas 2 person camping tent

With a marvellous material quality, long and good durability this camping tent with has stood out of the rest with minimal hustle. this is Under 2000rs which makes it better in terms of its affordability. Quechua Tents India have done a remarkable job in providing us an excellent double-layered fully waterproof tent for two people. Two people can share a congenial shelter in this tent without even the slightest of discomfort.

It is suitable for all the places which include the snowy peaks and adventurous camping locations in India. This removes all the friction of notwithstanding the heavy rains as it can easily handle the heavy water down pour. It makes itself very useful because of its good material and flawless quality. So, the fear of getting torn is eliminated.

It is very much in demand in the market due to the impeccability offered by the producer.


i) This tent is portable, lightweight and can be gathered with ease.

ii) A regularity in usage would be no problem in this camping tent.

iii) It provides a snuggly space for two people.

iv) Impeccable waterproof layer, that can easily withstand heavy rains.


i) Despite so many pros, this tent bars us with only one colour option

ii) It is not suitable for cold weather

iii) 3 or more people would cause friction inside the tent.




Closure type-zipper


Item weight-450 grams

Capacity-sleeping width:60cm

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Do you have a lower price of tents?

A.1. You may see the prices on Amazon

Q.2. What size will it be after folding?

A.2. When folded the Quechua arpenaz has a cylindrical storage case of 16cm diameter/57 cm.

Q.3. Can’t be used on roof top without any pegs?

A.3. Yes, definitely unless your rooftop isn’t that windy.

7. Quechua mh100 camping tents under 3000

high quality budget tent

Quechua is an international brand a company known for jackets and tents. The availability of this tent is ensured by then Indian market via Decathlon. Being a multinational brand, it has catered to the needs of the customer with the utmost care and precision. And hasn’t compromised in any case whatsoever.

The material used that is the fibreglass sheet and polyester has ensured that this tent is able to stand upright in times of friction that is the harsh weather. The lightweight poles can uphold the speedy winds without any damage. It’s very easy to dismantle this tent since this tent is free standing structure. Due to its lightweight, it can be carried around with ease. This is a two-person tent with a single room arrangement.

The Quechua Mh100 goes through different stages in a laboratory to ensure the most impeccable tent for all weather conditions. The thermophone tape protects the insides of tents from insects and unwanted material.


i) Made from materials which do no harm to the environment 

ii) Easily dismantled, gathered and portable.

iii) Easy to lift and move around 

iv) It is suitable for all type of weather.


i) if capacity goes beyond 2 people it might get uncomfortable


130×120cm coverage 

Contains 65cm sleeping bags

Glass fibre poles

1 upper rear air vent.

8. Endless outdoor tent

The endless outdoor tent is an affordable camping tent spaced enough to accommodate a group of six people.

It can provide a homely warm shelter to approx. six people which is a big number. This gives us the idea of how spacious this tent is. This tent is made up of a striking combination of colours which catches the sight even from distance and provides a vibrant spectacle.

The fibreglass poles are very flexible but still manage a firm grip with long durably. It’s very lightweight and can be carried around with ease. Special provisions have been made to keep it ventilated to avoid mosquito. Travelling in a group becomes so much more fun because of its capacity to hold many people.

It has an up coating for the protection from the ultraviolet rays. The quality of the construction and the ventilation provisions have given this tent a lead in the market.


i) Opens up the choices of the buyer to multi colours

ii) It has a good capacity can hold up to 6 people with comfort and is spacious

iii) Water-resistant tent which is easy to set up 

iv) It provides protection from winds and other elements of nature


i) The floor is made up of thin material


Capacity-6 persona

Frame material- glass fibre poles

Cloth material-polyester


Anti up coating-yes

9. Right choice dome camping tents under 3000

The right choice dome tent is easy to carry around without breaking a sweat. Is portable in nature which is designed to accommodate four people approx. in a comfortable space? The polyester used in the material gives it strength to last a few years from purchase. The flexibility and strength act as a shield and can hold winds and rain.

It contains 100percent waterproof material and fabric. For the protection of the customers and consider every possibility of discomfort this tent is lined and coated with UV protection layer. This camping tent is easy to set up and dismantle with minimum effort and this advantage comes in very handy for outdoor activities and adventures.


i) It provides the customers with a waterproof fabric which protects them from the heavy downpour.

ii) It is furnished with a durable fibreglass frame 

iii) It can be folded into a compact size which makes it easier in carrying.

iv) It has an ultraviolet protection layer


i) It does not have any storage pouches

ii) It more than 4 people could cause discomfort and friction inside the tent.


Capacity-6 persons

Frame material-glass fibre poles

Cloth material- polyester


Anti UV coating- yes


Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Will the rain water make the tent wet on the bottom too?

A.1. That’s correct this tent is suited more for dry weather. not even suited for winters where there will be few on the sides and bottom.

Q.2. Is it good for foggy weather?

A.2. Yes

Q.3. Is it available in black colour?

A.3. No

Q.4. Will the tent allow passage of air to avoid the heat inside?

A.4. Yes

10. YFXOHAR outdoor tent under 3000

This tent named YFXOHAR outdoor tent is a colossal tent which has an occupancy of about 8 people at once not compromising with anyone’s comfort.

Tent costs under 2000/- which is economical for occasional uses and because of its large capacity. This tent is available in a combination of four colours namely blue and grey/orange and blue.

The capacity. This fibreglass provides good support which in turn provides rigidity to whole set up making it light in weight eventually. Adventure expeditions may use this camp as it provides a lot of space for the backpack stuff and still might save up space for more. This tent also caters to the waterproofing necessity and the protection from the harmful rays from the sun.

You may take this camp outside and it will serve its purpose by providing a safe space even in bad climate. For adventurous people, this tent is really competitive and favourable.


i) Vibrant colour combinations which make the whole look attractive

ii) Waterproof Floor prevent a wet bottom

iii) Quick and easy to set up and dismantle


i) It is bulky and can take up space to carry around 


Material-polyester / multi-coloured


Weight-2146 grams

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Can we use it on the terrace?

A.1. Good shelter, nice shapes, bad quality clothes

Q.2. Waterproof floor?

A.2. Yes

Q.3.  Can it fit 8 people comfortably?

A.3. Not 8 people but 6 sure can.

11. Egab military tent

The camouflage print and military prints have taken over the market in no time. keeping up with this trend the companies have designed a camping tent of the military colour which is priced around 2000/-. This tent too is made up of the usual polyester material which is quite good quality considering the price.

Moreover, the flexibility and the strength of the poles provide an easy setup of the things without the unnecessary hindrance of any kind. And also, this helps the tent to stand firm in times of winds and other things which may cause harm to the tent’s exterior.

The floor material that has been used is such that it provides a distinction from the ground. The Arab military tent has an occupancy of about six persons. People are protected from sunburns in summer by the layer of up coating. 


i) Military camouflage design is very trendy and provides a wonderful vibrant sight for the spectator.

ii) It is not at all time-consuming saves up time by getting set up in sixty seconds.

iii)comprises durable lightweight steel flakes.


i) The supporting belt of this tent is quite fragile and requires gentleness and care 


The floor is made up of terylene

Waterproof- 100 per cent

Anti up coating-yes

Capacity-6 persons

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. what is the weight of the tent?

A.1. One and a half kilos

Q.2. Is it made in china?

A.2. No

Q.3. Inside mat available?

A.3. There is no mat extra available but a layer is there at the bottom.

Q.4. How thick is the mat, is it comfortable?

A.4. Normal mat, not thick

12. Dealcrox camping tent

Dealcrox camping tent is primarily used for trekking and serves all the budget adventures. The mare used up in composing this tent is high-quality polyester which is light in weight and is water repellent in nature. It is a 1000/- tent whose quality is excellent in consideration of its price.

The poles used in keeping the tent intact are of good quality and provides a lot of strength to the tend to withstand different elements that might damage the tent from outside. This tent gives the luxury of a safe homey shelter which is free of harmful radiations. The economical price and good quality at those prices make it very desirable among the people. 


i) It’s composed of lightweight steel stakes. 

ii) It provides resistance to the winds and saves the tent from damaging its outsides.

iii) It has a 100percent waterproof Floor which prevents witty bottom.


i) Deprives the buyers of choosing their own desirable colours. 


Capacity – 2 person

Frame material – Glass Fibre

Cloth material – Polyester

Waterproof – Yes

Anti up coating – Yes

Brand – Delacroix

Item weight – 456 grams 

Base material – Polyethene.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Do we have to fix it on the ground?

A.1. Yes

Q.2. is the product returnable?

A.2. Yes

Q.3. What about ventilation?

A.3. Has a good air ventilation

13. Coleman SunDome 2-person tent

budget 2 person tent
Camping Tents under 3000 rupees

The Coleman SunDome 4-person tent caters to several necessities when it comes to children, festivals, or as an alternative or a replacement when you get stuck somewhere in the middle of a road trip. Coleman is reliable in all of these situations, especially campsite. It is a mosquito-free tent and may protect the insides from rain. (Moderate).

During rainy weather, the waterproof Floor keeps you free from puddles and the mesh panel keeps you warm and cosy. It is furnished with an E-port which becomes very useful if we have access to electric power and charging connection can be established. Can be your next purchase for camping tents under 3000


i)  Can have the luxury of E-port connection through a cord if access to power.

ii) Child friendly and can be used as an alternative

iii) Keeps the insides puddle and dirt free in times of short rain.


i) It can’t be used in very heavy rains as it may not be able to withstand the downpour


Brand – Coleman

Colour – Navy

Closure type – zipper

Occupancy – 4 persons

Fabric type-polyester


8. 5mm fibreglass poles.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Is it waterproof or not?

A.1. Yes, water column:3000mm 

Q.2. Is it suitable for summer?

A.2. Not much ventilation openings

Q.3. Can I assemble the tent on rock?

A.3. No

Q.4. Is it good for snowy places?

A.4. Quite good but you have to maintain good insulation.

14. UST highlander 2

UST gear or ultimate Survival technologies have made their space and goodwill in the market by building good quality tools and equipment like compass, knives and fire starters. They intended on expanding their brand by building tents sleeping pads etc. 

The lightweight the backpack makes it very easy for the user to carry and use it anytime and anywhere features the spanning between the corners by a unique single pole structure. The short tent poles pitch the rest of the area out. The two poles among four can be left at home and only two could be used during the trek.

The vibrancy of the colours makes it easy to spot at night in the campsite.


i) This tent is made up of very bright colours which makes it very attractive and easy to spot at night.

ii) Light weighted which helps in carrying it with ease


i) It cannot withstand heavy rains 

ii) It is not suitable in cold weather.


Brand- UST


Height- 5’9 


Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Can it be used in winters?

A.1. No, the dew might damage the exterior of the tent.

Q.2. Does it come in multicolour?

A.2. Yes, it does

15. Marmot limestone 6

The Marmot limestone is yet another result of effort in providing the consumers with the best camping experience. Basic tents have a small water-resistant rooftop which is not so reliable when it comes to the protection of the interior of the tent and ensuring the safety of the people inside.

This problem is eliminated in this tent as the Marmot limestone 6 is seventy-six inches tall inside with a huge fly so that it’s covered till the ground. It’s got easy exits and entrances and is very convenient for the user to move in and out.


i) It has a colossal rooftop and a huge fly which covers up till the ground

ii) It has an extra headroom and a big sleeping area catering to the comfort

iii) It has an easy setup.

iv) It gives you the chance to organise your gear with internal pockets.

v) It composed of a weather-resistant fabric which can stand all types of climate.


i) It can’t withstand heavy rains. Not suitable for it 

ii) It is not advisable to be used in cold temperatures.


Sleeps 6

Zone pre-bend construction creates a larger interior

Two vestibule design

Fully taped catenary cut floor

Colour coded clips and poles with pole sleeve clip. Combo for easy setup.

Interior pockets for organization

DAC DA17 poles

Jingle free zipper pulls

Fully taped seams at fly and vents

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. What type of closure does it have?

A.1. Zipper type 

Q.2. What is its occupancy?

A.2. Approx. 6 people can be accommodated.

16. Tepui low pro3 car roof tent

best budget car tent under 3000

A rooftop tent is a right choice when it comes to a road trip or any other vacation or adventure that one may venture into. Tepui is the best when it comes to small lightweight units to beefy behemoths that can accommodate the whole family. The low pro 3 comes in the category of the thinnest tents available sitting on the rooftop just 7 inches tall.

The thin profile is very useful in saving up the gas money and it becomes easier for the person to handle and the installation of the tent on the rooftop too becomes easier. And on reaching the desired destination with a minimum of efforts it gets installed with a limited amount of time.


i) This is one of the best tents which provide the rooftop tent service.

ii) The installation of this tent is very easy.

iii) Limited supervision is needed in handling.


i) Due to the thin material, it is not advisable that it should be brought near sharp bushes or sharp things as it might damage the tent.



Closure type-zipper

Pole material-glass fibre

Tent size- 200×220×135cm 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Is it good for cold and foggy weather?

A.1. No not really as the thin material may not be able to hold the water and might leak inside.

Q.2. Will the tent allow passage of air to avoid heat inside?

A.2. Yes.

17. Big Agnes tiger wall UL2

big agnes tent
Budget camping tent under 3000 rs

The Big Agnes tiger wall UL2 has pushed the limits to what’s possible when it came to full-sized free-standing tents that are ultralight. The availability of this type of tent has surpassed the days when ultralight backpacking meant leaving the tent at home.  Carrying the weight of just two pounds it uses thin fabrics and DAC feather line poles to convert it to a two-person tent with the purpose of providing comfortable room to two people. This can be a excellent choice for camping tents under 3000.

18. Bucketlist 

cheap portable tent

The producer of this camping tent has ensured that the tent is light weighted for the easy handling by all type of people without breaking a sweat the steel stakes, in particular, are light in weight for stability and strength that it imparts to the tent.  By this, the producer only tends to make the experience of the customer a little better. This tent has a peculiar different and amazing design for effortless set up without two minutes.

This tent is a waterproof family tent with a big door for easy in and out of the tent. It’s very easy to set up and easy when it comes to dismantling and gathering and ideal for camp activities.

It is engineered and designed in such a way that it is wind restraint and the renewed poles anchor tents and increase the efficiency in performance.


i) It is very light in weight which makes it very easy to deal with

ii) It is waterproof camping tent can hold moderate rain.

iii) The renewed poles provide a lot of rigidity to the tent.

iv) It can be set up in the best way in just one minute so it’s a real time saver. Ni


It is constructed with a durable polyester fabric wall and roof with silver polyurethane and a shock-corded fibreglass pole frame.

Strong fibreglass

Good air ventilation

Mesh door and window

Dome style tent.

The large front entrance is equipped with a zippered mesh.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. How many people can stay in it?

A.1. Six

Q.2. Rain cover on the top what is the material?

A.2. Yes. Polyester is the material used.

19. Dark 6-person portable picnic camping tent 

This tent from the brand Dark is of premium quality. This tent has good durability and is very light in weight due to the fibreglass frame poles used. The PE floor of this tent is water-resistant. This is a very ideal tent for outdoor activities such as camping and trekking mainly because of its large occupancy of about six persons in all.

The tent is child friendly and children can play with it and handle it with minimum effort. It has convinced us to have an outdoor adventure because of the perks that the producer has provided. This tent also has excellent resistance to harsh weather. 


i) This tent is water repellent as it is made up of material like polyester fabric that keeps the tent warm and dry.

ii) This tent has full protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

iii) The large door and the mesh ensure a good air ventilation through the tent.


i) This tent can withstand moderate rainfall may or may not be able to stand under heavy rain fall.


Brand- Dark

Features – Mesh design for anti-mosquito

Moisture – Proof, dustproof, up protected and snow protected.

Size – 200×250×150cm.

Inbox contents – 1× camping tent, 1× carry bag, one accessory bag, one waterproof PE groundsheet and one assembly instruction.

Net quantity – 1.0 gram

8 metal stakes and 4 waterproof rope

20. Proton 6-person waterproof camping tent 

best 6 person waterproof camping tent

The proton 6-person waterproof camping tent is all set to provide its customers with the best and a worthy of appreciation experience. This tent not only provides good protection from the fast-paced harsh winds but also from direct sunlight which may affect the skin of the customer and cause sunburn and the rain, and the harmful insects. Not only it has a top-notch protection service but also it is very easy to carry with a minimum of effort it is also very quick to set up saving time and elimination the monotony. A single person can set the whole tent up without any supervision. It consists of wearable and waterproof Floor. The protection from the condensation is provided by the huge flysheet. Another popular choice for camping tents under 3000 rupees in India.


i) Monotony and the tediousness of the work involved in setting up the tent is fairly eliminated.

ii) A single person can set it up without any external supervisor.

iii) Protection from various possibilities that might hamper a good experience is provided.


i) Is suitable for moderate climate and temperature. As heavy rainfall or windy climate may damage the tent.


Tent structure- single layer waterproof

Established case: need to establish inner tent size:200×200×135cm 5-6 persons tent inner material- polyester pongee bottom material: terylene cloth in the box 1× picnic camping portable waterproof out door 

Country of origin- China.

Colour – Multi

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Is it made in china?

A.1. Yes, this tent is made in china.

Q.2. Does this come with a cover bag 

A.2. Yes, it does come with a cover bag as an accessory.

21. Jukkre 6-person portable picnic camping dome tent

The juke 6-person portable picnic tent as the name suggests that this tent is very portable and easy to carry around

This tent facilitates us with the quick effortless setup and a fold-down.  A single person can set this tent up with minimal supervision whatsoever. It also provides protection from the wind and insects that bug us from time to time. This tent is family-friendly, as it is lightly weighted used in hiking and travelling. It also contains wearable and waterproof Floor.


i) The provision of protection from various things which may hover over our heads and make the experience bitter.

ii) Availability of different types of colours.

iii) It can easily accommodate 6 persons.


i) May not be as suitable in temperatures very low. And harsh climate.


Outer material- polyester, polyurethane

Size: 200×180×135 cm.

Features- integrated rain cover.

Sport- camping hiking.

Tent structure-single layer waterproof

Full floor construction with vented screen and solid doors assured to keep you dry.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Please tell the inside size 

A.1. 4 members can happily sleep

Q.2. Is downside is waterproof?

A.2. Yes sure.

Q.3. How can we install this?

A.3. Insert two rods as in guides fit them in strap holes inner one.


Camping is just a means to develop a bond a relationship an old one certainly but also and effective one. In old times people used to camp in the vast grasslands or on a mountain cliff etc. With the technological progress creeping in this area the development of the camping tents has also taken a wide turn for the better. Hope you liked our list of best waterproof, outdoor, 6person, car roof tents.

Most of the tents are made of biodegradable material which is very important for the wellbeing of the already endangered environment. The tents have been made with the best of the consumer interest in mind. They have tried their best in making their tents as comfortable and affordable as they can.

Economical prices and good quality of tents are greatly in demand as these types of tents are able to reach the middle class wants of the masses. Tents below 3000/-Rs are certainly worth the money. Moreover, sometimes the ultraviolet rays from the sun are taken lightly and not looked after but most makers of tent companies have provided anti up coating which protects the people from these rays.

The only aim it to make the experience of the buyers worth the money and time with minimum discomfort. It is certain that the upcoming future beholds further development in the material and other details of the best camping tents and more and better exposure of varieties and options for the consumers

We hope you liked the list of best camping tents under 3000 rs that we combined and are able to make the choice for your favourite tent.

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